Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Field Day 2012

At the end of every school year, the elementary school does a Field Day.  Last year I was able to volunteer with both girls' classes since one was in the morning and one in the afternoon. And the year before that, I volunteered for Delaney's class.  This year, both were afternoon participants, so I volunteer for Katie's class.  It was warm, with little breeze or clouds.  The afternoon went very well and we had a lot of fun.

First Station: Chalk

Station 2: Volleyball and Bubbles

Station 3: Relay Races

Station 4: Frizbee and Softball

Station 5: Potatosack and Relay Races

Pair Races with Zach

Station 6: Water Relay Races

Station 7: Bean Bag Toss
 Katie with her 1st Grade Teacher: Mrs. Krippelz

Stations that I didn't take pictures: Track & Field (because I was an extra runner due to uneven teams), Blogo, and the Foxtails/Hula Hoops (because I was busy hula hooping).
After school, we walked home--over a mile.  Both girls were completely exhausted and a bit whiny.  Then we had to rush to get Katie to dance, then Delaney to softball, back to Kate's dance for costumes, then to pick up Delaney from softball and bring her to dance.  It was a fun, but very busy and exhausting day.

We decided that walking home wasn't the best idea, and the girls have decided once was plenty.
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