Wednesday, May 23, 2012

End-of-The-School-Year...THANKS TEACHERS!!!

It's the end of the school year, and it's time for us to give our teachers some praise and thanks for a WONDERFUL year!  Both girls had amazing teachers and they were perfectly matched.  Both girls don't want to leave their grade because they don't want to lose their current teacher...which has been a trend every year for both girls.  They love their teachers and school, and we love that about them.  They love learning and have come so far in every aspect.

So, thanks to Pinterest, I got a few ideas for gifts.  Here is what they are getting:

Homemade cards, beach bags, beach towels, 30 SPF sunscreen, plastic (reusable) margarita glasses or wine glasses, and watering can with (ducktape) flower pens.

 These watering cans say: "Thanks for helping me grow."
Thank you Ms. Palmer and Mrs. Krippelz for a WONDERFUL year for Delaney's 2nd grade and Katie's 1st grade (respectively).  We truly appreciate all that you did.
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