Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Game Ball Winner!

Tonight Delaney had another softball game.  She has two each week--one every Saturday and one on a week night.  Last night they played a team from another town and they did fantastic.  So far, Delaney's team has not matched up very evenly to the other teams.  Example--on Saturday they lost 12-0.  Thankfully the girls are still having fun and continue to support and cheer each other on.  Last night was different.  Delaney was leadoff for batting and she got a single, and was the first to score for her team.  First inning alone, the girls scored 3 points.  It was wonderful to watch them be successful and their reactions to it.  They seemed to come together even more as a team.  When up to bat, the team mates would stand behind the fence in the dugout and cheer.

When on the field, they would continue to chant cheers.  It was awesome.  Delaney struck out her second at-bat, but she continued to have high spirits.  Love that about her.  She is truly loving this game!

One cool thing about their softball league is that they are starting to use the kids as the pitchers, but since they haven't mastered it yet, they will bring in the coach to pitch after 4 balls (so there are no walks).  Usually, it takes the coach to pitch for the kids to get a good hit.  For Delaney last night...her last at-bat, she hit a single off the pitcher.  It was awesome!  SO PROUD!

Sadly, the team still lost, but it was a much better score: 6-4.  We were so proud of the girls. 

At the end of each game, Coach Rose gives out a "game ball" to a player who went above and beyond.  Last night I listened as she said the following:  "Remember last time I said the Game Ball was going to go to someone who was a great listener.  Well, tonight's ball goes to someone who is always listening, is getting so much better all the time, continuously cheers on her teammates, keeps the spirits of the other girls up, got two awesome hits--and was the only one to hit off the pitcher tonight.  Delaney."  I almost cried!  In fact, everytime I think about it, tears well up.  (I'm such a sap).
So proud of you, Delaney!
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