Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Doing it the Daddy Way

Peter recently informed me that he goes with Riggs outside at night.  Really?  REALLY?  Oh my gosh!  I just start laughing when I think of it.  I guess that never grows out of a male...the urge, ease, ability to go outside.  The girls love to, but it's rare that we let them.  Usually only if we're on a roadtrip and there's no stop in sight--we'll pull over and allow them to go in the grass (we always have extra TP in the car).  When I saw Charlie the other day in the bushes like this, I couldn't help but laugh and think that there are going to be many-a-times where he goes outside rather than come in to do so.  I also heard that's a great way to potty-train boys.  We'll see...

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