Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So, the world of four children has sucked me into an abyss to which I thought there was no escape.  But, here I am.  That's right...we still exist.  We are still busy, still struggling, still having fun, still all here...together.

The past week has been a good one, but sadly the two weeks before that were...well, let's just say that I think everyone would preferred an adopted mom, except for maybe Charlie.  I was stressed, irritable, frustrated, confused, lost, and, well, just plain overwhelmed!  I made a not-so-wonderful decision to potty train Rowena on the weekend before Spring Break started, thinking it would be easier to have everyone home (not be on any time-constraints of bus, school, etc.).  However, that was not the case.  Having everyone home proved to be more of a challenge and distraction.

So, here I sit, much calmer than I was 2+ weeks ago.  Much more at ease.  Once again, myself.  We're  getting back to a schedule and routine.  I have so much to update on...Rowe potty training, Charlie eating solids, Grandpa & Paula's visit, trips to the park, Charlie's 4 month stats, pictures, and more.  SO...my goal for this week...is to update with at least 5-6 posts.  Stay Tuned...
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