Thursday, April 14, 2011

Slip-N-Slide Sunday!

Sunday was warm enough to bust out the slip-n-slide for the first time in 2011.  Our slip-n-slides are used so often that we're lucky to get 2 years out of them.  We got a new one Sunday morning and the girls and neighbors couldn't wait to have some fun!  This year we went "fancy" and purchased one that curves.  However, right out of the box, it had a huge hole.  Peter macgyvered it with some duct tape and it worked well.  I still have to call the company!

I refuse to have the air on, and in the morning the breeze throughout the house was wonderfully refreshing.  However, 86 degrees with little to no breeze at night was not a nice way to fall asleep...Peter was not happy! :)  This week has been great for windows to be open.  A cold breeze comes through the house in the morning and at night.  I love this time of year...although fall is my favorite.
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