Sunday, April 17, 2011

Star Wars Mania!

Yesterday was Star Wars Day at the downtown Joliet library.  When I got home from work, Peter took Delaney and Katie while Rowe and Charlie napped.  They had so much fun, but were upset they didn't have costumes, so they just brought their light sabers.

Light Saber Wars...keep the balloon off the ground
 Fun meeting R2D2...the only character Katie would go up to and meet.  They very excited because he was "real" (in that he moved around "like a real robot").
 Several Star Wars characters greeting kids at the library 

 Delaney meeting several characters and the girls in the trash compactor

The girls being silly on the stairs.  They brought home some tattoos for Rowena as well!

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Uncle Charming said...

That Rebellion pilot's face in the pic with Delaney is awesome. He looks very serious...or constipated.

Marcia said...

That is so awesome! What a great job your library did! And I love Rowe's hair clipped back like that! She looks beautiful!! Hugs!