Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Nostalgia Gods Are Against Us

Today is a special day for's our anniversary. TEN YEARS!  That's right...ten years ago today, I walked down that isle, dressed in all white, with a veil over my face, in a church I spent every Sunday morning as a child, and said "I Do" in marriage to Peter.  I was one of the most terrific and special moments/days of my life.

Tonight after dinner, we planned to relive that day with the kids with our wedding video.  It would be the first time the girls ever watched our wedding.  We swore we would watch it every year on our anniversary, however that lasted a whopping three years.  So, it's been about seven years since we've seen this and thought with the 10-year milestone, it was time.

Peter finally found the DVD that my mom burned for us (from the VHS tape) and put it in the blu-ray player.  Nope.  So, we tried the DVD player (that is on it's last leg).  Nope.  So, we tried the Playstation2.  Nope.  Then DVD player #3. Nope.  Then he tried the DVD/VCR combo, and well, that really didn't blew a fuse AND killed our spike bar. Oh, and it smelled like something was burning.  Last chance...our sole VCR...Well, that had a tape in it that wouldn't eject.  So, I guess the Nostalgia Gods are against us...

...or Peter went through a lot of work to make it look like he was trying to watch something but was creative to make sure he didn't have to!
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