Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bengstons 2012

WOOHOO!  Our Annual Bengstons Pumpkin Farm trip.  I love going here.  We all do.  There's so much to do, and I think every year we find more fun to have!  When we left, it was cool, but nice and sunny.  Within about 30 minutes of our arrival the sun started to set and it got cold fast!  I think we would've stayed for a few more hours had we brought hats and gloves.

We still had a great time!
A very cool pumpkin totem pole
Rowena fell asleep on the way to the pumpkin farm.  She was a little cranky when we first woke her, but perked up as soon as she saw piles among piles of pumpkins!

Watching the pig races

The kids always enjoy sticking their heads in these "picture taking" paintings

Delaney and Charlie took Daddy on a train ride, while Katie, Rowena and I went on the Frog Hopper (which afterwards I felt sick).
The family really had fun on these (although Kate did complain about how "baby" the rides are...I had to remind her we weren't at Great America).


The girls acting silly while getting cold waiting for the Honey Pots
 Katie and Delaney really spun this fast.  Thankfully Rowe could handle it!

 I talked Kate into going onto the Frog Hopper again since Delaney missed the first time.  She pretended she was bored.  After a while, the people waiting in line were all yelling "look, she's smiling.  She's having fun." She tried even harder to hide her face.  At the end she was cracking up.

 We ended our day on one of those fun big slides (my fave of the day) and then hopped in the corn kernels!  I was cleaning these out of pockets for days!!!

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