Thursday, October 11, 2012

Finally...A Polished Look

So, you know how that saying goes, or whatever you would call it, that the first kid gets the best of you, in that all your time, attention, energy...and the rest, well, they just kinda learn to go with the flow and don't really get the creative parent?  I think some are that way, while others become better with time, experience, and become more creative.  Now, I fall into both categories, depending on what we're talking about.  I'm more creative with bedtimes and getting my kids to respond to me/things.  However, I have become very lazy with my kids' grooming.  That doesn't mean my kids don't bathe or wear clean clothes.  But, most days my kids leave the house like this:

(not really, but you get the point. And, stop judging me)
But, after a comment was made about how cute Rowe would look in pigtails, I thought "Hm.  I don't think I've *ever* done her hair in pigtails."  How sad is that?  She's 3 1/2 for crying out loud!  She should have had braids and pigtails, bow and ribbons.  Poor kid.  Well, in my defense, we are a pretty busy family, and Rowe has also never been one to like her hair done.  You know, the kind that pulls out the bow seconds after putting it in?  Yeah, that kind.  So, with her being in school, I'm trying a little harder to have her more, well, presentable, if you will.  She's getting better with ponytails and bows.  However, as soon as she gets home and walks through the door, her hair is down (and looks even worse with the crease in her hair and the fact that it won't lay properly anymore).

So, I decided to push a little harder for me and my girls to care a little more about their appearance; take a little more pride into themselves.  And today, Rowe was very excited with her new look (and it's nothing fancy...just simple pigtails, yet a big deal for us today)...

 (Holy crap, doesn't she look so old/mature in this picture^^^???)

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