Monday, October 29, 2012

Post-Season Celebrations

Delaney and Kate both finished up their second seasons in softball and soccer, respectively.  They have both improved so much and are continuing to learn.  I love watching both play, but I will admit, I'm one of those parents that gets a little caught up in the excitment of the games.  You'll often find me biting my nails or standing up and yelling and cheering.  I'm so proud of them both!  Katie even scored a goal for her team this year!

After their final games, their coaches had an awards lunch/dinner for all the girls

Delaney's Celebration with the Gators!

 With three of her coaches
Katie's celebration

 Finally giving Coach Josh a shirt that will fit.

 Receiving her certificate and trophy
 "The Blond Tornados"  This is Katie with Sophia...they tended to play forward together and became a pretty good team.
 Katie with her coaches: Coach Mike and Coach Josh

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