Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Another fun Halloween!  Can I just say how awesome our neighborhood is???  Kids EVERYWHERE on Halloween.  I love seeing familiar faces of children and parents from the kids' school.  I especially love sunny Halloweens, even if they are chilly.

The day started out chilly but manageable in our regular costumes:
Dumbo, Birdo, Black Widow, and Katniss Everdeen

With our neighbors, who we trick-or-treat with every year!
(Julia was my fave villian, Bellatrix LaStrange from Harry Potter)

 Our neighbor, Tim, and his wife go ALL OUT for Halloween with decorations.  The kids were a bit nervous at his door.  He was dressed up and just stood inside at the door and didn't move.  Even when the kids knocked.  Finally, one brave soul dared to open the door.

 Our neighborhood before it got crowded and busy
 Spencer dancing.  I love this kid!!!
 Katie and I went on a little further with one of her classmates we ran into while trick-or-treating.  We ventured to her street where there was this little outdoor haunted trail.  The kids inside creeped me out!!!  This house handed out candy, popcorn, and beer (to adults only, of course).
 Katie and her Bestie, Cassie, getting ready for the church's trunk-or-treat; and Rowe with Sophie and Sean

Everyone relaxing after trunk-or-treat and getting warm
This is how the Salkas and Henderson family tend to pair off (kinda hoping they have a boy for Charlie to chill with)
 Rowena and Sophie
 Cassie and Katie
 Sean and Delaney
 Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows!
 This isn't even all the candy!  HOLY CRAP!

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