Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fraidy Cat 5K and Meow Mile

Races are so addictive!  After watching me at the ZooRunRun, Delaney really wanted to do one.  So, I talked with our friend Linda, whose daughter, Cassie (Kate's BFF), also likes to run.  We decided to look for a 1 mile run for the girls to participate in.

It was a cold morning, but the race was awesome!  It was in a small suburban town and the race was also small (not overwhelming with lots of participants).  Delaney, Katie, and Cassie did awesome!  Cassie came in tenth for her age bracket, and first of the three girls.  Next came Katie who was leisurely jogging with a new friend, Riley.  Delaney was third, and looked like she was struggling with her breathing and coughing a bit.  I participated in the 5K and shaved 2 minutes off my Zoo race time, and averaged about 9:38 minute miles this time around!

Afterwards, we went to a local restaurant for lunch.  Thanks Mom and Dad for the meal!!!  And especially for coming out to support us!

They all loved it, and are already signed up for another race on Thanksgiving morning.
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