Friday, October 5, 2012

Random Rowe

Rowena is really funny.  I mean, crack me up, having me laugh out loud and shocked by her humor and thoughts.

Sometimes she means to be...
I was cooking dinner, and hear "oooooh" (think a child making a ghost sound) and then Rowena gasps and says, "Mommy did you hear that?  I think it was a ghost.  I'm so scared."  THen, again, the "oooooh" and yet another gasp.  "Oh crap, Mom.  I think there's a ghost in here.  Did you hear it?  I bet you're so scared."

Rowe farted and said, "That wasn't me, that was Uncle Joe."  When I responded, "Joe lives really far away." She says, "Well, he has really big farts."

And sometimes she just is (with no intentions)...
The other day, Rowena tripped and started crying.  She says to me, "Mommy, I hurt my own feelings."

Today she said, "I wish we could see the ketchup sign, I have to concentrate, $21, 21 days." And, she said this without a pause or break.

Rowe likes to take books off of Peter's book shelves.  Then, she'll get on our bed and tell me, "Mom, I have to concentrate." Then she opens up Catch 22, and proceeds to 'read.'

You might be Rowena's best friend if you are:
Ellie, Beth, Isa, Dylan, Patrick, Joe, Molly, or somedays, no one.

You know Rowe is not feeling well when she tells you, "Mom, my head is tired and my tummy wants to nap."
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