Saturday, January 30, 2010

Awesome Playdate: Anderson, Boynton, and Henderson Families

We had the most awesome, fun playdate last night! We went to the Andersons' home for some long awaited fun. We have been planning this three-family playdate for several months now...and it finally happened. Thank you so very much to the hosts with the most: Niki and Aaron! They sure know how to have company! We started the evening getting aquainted, as the girls didn't remember one another.

Puzzle time: Ella and Delaney Rowena helps Ella and Niki pick out a movie
Zach finds some boy toys
Girls start playing with stuffed animals: Ella, Delaney, Jenna, and Katie

Chillin and watching some old school Alvin and The Chipmunks

Eating some tres yummy food--pizza, juice, and fruit (adults also had that and some very tasty dips/appetizers and Niki makes THEE best homemade blackberry sangria...OMG--to die for!!!)
Super mom...taking on both at once.
Rowena wants to try Daddy's drink
Woo-Hoo!!! Running from the play room for craft time!

Making Valentine's gift bags (thanks, Niki!!!)

Movie and Popcorn Time! Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

And, time for the boys to play...ROCK BAND!

TAUS! Me, Niki, Marcia
Pete got a little "comfortable." Niki laughed so hard, she had to get her camera...

Girls turn to rock the house...on beginner!
Zach's turn on the drums

Movie is over...time for the Littles to rock the house (they did great!)
In picture: Scott, Jenna, Peter, Delaney, and Ella
Aaron and Ella

Jenna...loving the guitar

Ney's turn on the guitar

Aaron with his girls, Abby and Ella

Niki and Ashley (Marcia and Scott's 4 month old)

A WONDERFUL time was had by all!!! Thank you so much Niki and Aaron for hosting...for the toys, Rock Band, the craft project, the movie and popcorn, and all of the amazing food. We had a blast. It was so good to see everyone...Niki and Aaron Anderson with Ella and Abby, and Marcia and Scott Boynton with Jenna, Zach, and Ashley. Now, to plan the next ABH Playdate...

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Danuszka said...

Rock Band + Pete = crazy rocker with open shirt in front of children! haha

Were the girls dying laughing?