Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Webkinz Party

I think the girls were missing being around other kids over their two-week break, so they asked if they could have a "Webkinz Party." When asked what that was, Delaney proceeded to explain that it was a party with their friends who have Webkinz, and also for those that don't. So, um, basically a playdate. However, the morning of this "Webkinz Party" the girls were off the hook...very hyper, anxious, and ready to go. They got in fancy dresses, had their hair professionally done (thanks, Donna), and asked for a feast. Katie even had Pete take her to the store for flowers for a centerpiece. So fancy!

It ended up that they didn't even play with ANY of their Webkinz! ahahaha! However, they did have a very fun time with their friends they hadn't seen in a while (well, the Dillinghams we saw on New Year's Eve). Sadly, the neighbors couldn't make it, but we had Grace, Emily, Paige, and Walter. Ben had a great idea to get a picture of all the kids from biggest to smallest, which would've been so cool...we had a 6, 5, 4, 2, 1 year olds and 10 and 2 months old. However, that (of course) didn't happen).

The girls with their dresses on and fancy hair around the table with the pretty "purple, glitter" flowers and the "feast". Katie and her fancy hair (and her first dress of the day).
The back...the gorgeous curls.

Delaney with pretty "princess braids."
Rowena and Emily...Emily had fun following around Baby Rowe. (And no, Emily is not trying to kick Rowe).
Playing in the basement.

Paige enjoying The Littlest Pet Shop toys.
Rowe chillin' with her bottle at the end of the party.


Patty said...

What a couple of social butterflies...I wonder where they get that from!!! LOL

Danuszka said...

1. I love that they wanted a party and to have their hair done and to have a centerpiece etc.
2. Katie is so freaking funny.
3. I like how Paige is a mini-J-Crew girl like her mom! :) very cute
4. Rowe is too cute. Always smiley even when she was sick that day!
5. I don't have a Webkin

Nichole and Ben said...

Donnas you crack me up! Are you referring to Paige's fair isle turtleneck and jeans? :)