Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Perfect Ending

Last night Pete was downloading music to update my iPod (thanks, sweetie). He put on a song, and we all started dancing, in the front room, with the blinds open. We just danced around and sang. Thanks to Black Eyed Peas for having so many awesome dance songs for our family!

After dancing for about 15 minutes, we went on to have a Wii Fit Plus Challenge. Of nine games, Delaney won six and I won three. Tonight we plan to have a family rematch (as Peter and Katie kept dancing so they only participated in the last 3 challenges).

It was a perfect ending to a wonderful day and a good week...


Brian said...

if you can get some video of you all playing tonight post it on youtube.

Marcia said...

We love the Black eyed Peas too! We all break it down to them too! Love it!