Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Video Games, Video Games, Video Games

Man...Hendersons have a love for video games! If allowed, both would stay home from school and not eat, and just play video games ALL DAY LONG! We've had to establish some fighting. If they do, they have a one hour break, if they do it again--a two hour break, and a third time, video games--of any sort is done for the day. Also, no video games before school. And, third--no more than 1 hour at a given time. Odd how quickly that hour passes!

What cracks me up...if I tell them time is up, this is what I find them doing...(playing their DS). And, they'll lure their father into playing very easily, to prolong their play time.

Even Rowena is getting in on the action!

I've even caught them playing Game Cube (Mario Party) in the basement when they say they're going to play with their toys. Stinkers!

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Marcia said...

OMG! Amy! They have to be the smartest girls ever! You know they are learning a lot while they are having fun! Such puzzle solvers and problem solvers too! I gotta get Jenna onto gaming!!