Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our Silly Rowesie!

I know the previous post was all about Rowena, but I wanted to share some more cute pictures that were taken this last week.

She loves to unload things--such as her big block filled with small blocks, clothes baskets--no matter if the clothes are folded or not, the playpen, and bathtub.
She loves to put things in her mouth.
She also loves to share--toys and already been chewed food. Mmmm, right? Oh, but she laughs when you try to share her blankie, bottle, or sippy cup--those things she doesn't share. She smiles, but takes them back right away.

Almost as much as loves to unload things, she likes to climb on and into things--such as our (ew-dirty) clothes.
Although, she does look mighty comfy, no? She still, obviously, loves to suck her thumb--which is super cute when she's sitting in the middle of the floor, grabs her blankie with her right hand, and insert left thumb (the only one she'll suck).


Marcia said...

They say sucking the thumb is a hard habit to break... but boy is it the cutest thing ever!!! I kind of wish Ashley would do it! It's the sweetest!!

Amy said...

Marcia--I am very anti-thumb because you can always take a pacifier away, but not a thumb. We tried breaking her of this before it became a habit, but she was sleeping through the night at just two months old. I wasn't about to hang out in her room and take her thumb out everytime she put it in, you know?! :) It's just a battle we'll have to fight later. :( It is pretty darn cute (just not at 3 years old).