Friday, January 22, 2010

KT Phone Home

(if you say it outloud, it'll say Katie Phone Home. Like ET Phone Home. Nevermind).

At Katie's preschool, they are helping the kids learn their birthdays, phone numbers, and addresses. Kate was the first in her class to know her birthday. To symbolize her accomplishment, she received a birthday pencil.

Today, she was allowed to call home because she knew her home phone number. She was SO cute on the phone! She was telling me about how they were making apple sauce (from scratch) and how excited she was for that, and to celebrate her 1/2 birthday (since her birthday is in July, we celebrate it with her classmates on her 1/2 bday with cupcakes).

Next to learn her address. Then her teachers send her a card in the mail for that accomplishment.

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