Thursday, January 14, 2010

Caught! In the Act of Being Nice

Delaney was ready for jazz class, Katie for gymnastics, and Rowena for a nap--soon. And they were all playing SO nicely. All three in good moods, being silly, and laughing together. I had to capture the moment (despite Rowena not looking at the camera).

Usually one is in a bad mood, being sassy, or not listening. Kate loves to play with Rowe, but is very loud, rough, and in her face. Delaney is more gentle and subtle. Both love her very much, despite their different approaches. Rowena loves them both too, but is already getting a little sassy back with them. Of course, she's the third, so she's learning to hold her own quickly.

With these three blond beauties, and their sassy attitudes and independent personalities, we're sure to have our hands full!

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