Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time For Her Own Chair?

Rowena goes back and forth and back and forth between Delaney and Katie's chairs, just about every day. It's so cute. And, Katie plays a little teasing game with her. She'll go to which ever chair Rowe is crawling to, and when Rowe changes to the other chair, Katie races to that one. Rowena just giggles and keeps the game going. Also, she sits in it appropriately and will watch her big sisters playing Wii Smash Brothers. And, she likes to stand up and lean on the back to tip it over, and has only hurt herself a handful of times from this activity.

Hold on, Rowena...just another month, and you'll have your own!

1 comment:

meg shaklee said...

amy! where do you have those chairs made w/ their names on it? soo cute.. bella definitely needs one of those!