Friday, January 22, 2010

Grrrr, Argh!

So, right now, as a parent I'm quite frustrated, and unsure of what to do. There are certain things that are not allowed to be said in our home:

1. Shut up
2. Stupid
3. I hate you

We just think that these are very hateful, mean things. Well, of course, because these are off-limits, they have now become the natural reaction for my kids to vomit out of their mouths when they get into trouble or become angry. Example...this morning Delaney didn't want to play in the basement with Katie but instead stay upstairs to play with Rowena. Katie's automatic response: "I hate you." Yesterday when Delaney was mad at me because I didn't allow her to scare me when she said boo! after hiding from me when we got to a very busy public place, she says "I hate you. Get away from me. You're a mean mom."

Ugh! What do I do? It's hard to give a time out when Delaney has to go into dance class or when we have to get ready to leave for school! Yelling doesn't work, nor is it something I like/want to do. And we're not spankers. Hm...


Cosentino's said...

my mom used soap...liquid is the worst but she would make us take a bite of a bar of soap and told us we had to wash those dirty words out of our mouth

Marcia said...

my girlfriend uses hot sauce. A couple of drops on the tounge. I'm a big fan of the behavior chart. Maybe earn a sticker for not using the bad words... and then a reward at the end???

Brian said...
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Brian said...

I understand, my little sister was a terror! When she framed me (cry like I hit her when I was no where near her) my mom hit me with wooden spoon.