Friday, June 24, 2011

After Recital Dinner

After the recital, we were planning on a cookout with everyone, but Nancy mentioned heading to a restaurant.  Since we had extra hands with us to help with all four kids, we took her up on the offer!  The kids had a good time and behaved really well!  Rowe cracks us up with eating!  She ate most of her hot dog, much of Nana's broccoli, and a few buffalo chicken wings.  Not only can this kid eat a ton, she eats like an adult with her choices.  Give her mac-n-cheese and she'll take a bite or two.  Give her hot wings or a chorizo taco, and she can't get enough.

Okay, enough about Rowe's awesome eating habits.  The kids behaved, ate well, and were ecstatic when they got a huge surprise at the end of the meal.



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