Friday, June 24, 2011

Field Day: Grand Prairie 2011

The lst Friday of June, and also the last Friday of the school year, Grand Prairie held their annual FIELD DAY.  Last year was raining, so everything was inside.  This year, there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  My amazing sunburn was proof of that.  I was so concerned with getting sunscreen on the kids, I forgot my poor shoulders.

It worked out well that Katie's class did their Field Day in the morning and Delaney's was in the afternoon.  And, with Peter being home again, I was able to volunteer for both!  So, I found out that for field trips, Kindergarten is the easy group.  THey're still intimidated by things, and behave very well.  For field DAY...definitely the older group is the way to go!  Now, I have to keep in mind that it was extremely hot out and some of the parents forgot to send a water bottle and some kids were dressed in pants and/or long sleeves.  I get the whiny when I'm overheated too.

Here are pictures of Katie's morning...
She was FAST!  She beat everyone in the hurdles!
 Then off to bubble-blowing and relays.  There was also a chalk drawing station


She got a little frustrated playing the Hillbilly Golf game (I can't honestly remember the other name for it).

Then it was on to softball throwing and frizbee.  After that, it was potato sak races.  That was fun to watch these little 5 and 6 year olds hop down a hill in a sak!

The last stations were a water relay and then bean bags.  It was a fun, but exhausting morning.
Katie had a blast, but was happy to go home to air conditioning and lunch!

And, here are pictures of Delaney's afternoon...
They did teams in the bag/sak races.  It was awesomely hilarious to watch them fall all over the place!

 Delaney loved the water relays and bean bags...which, by the way, she did awesome!


Just like Kate, Delaney was quick.  I love these action shots of her running and blowing bubbles!

It was a fun day, but boy was I hot and EXHAUSTED!!!

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