Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Memorial Day...And Charlie's First Swim!

On Memorial Day we had a cookout at my parents, but before eating, we went swimming.  Sadly, due to Rowena's nap schedule, she stayed home with Daddy and slept.  She missed out on the swimming, but not the food.  Pete ended up having a nice quiet afternoon at home, which allowed him to catch up on some shows.

Delaney and Kate wasted no time getting in the water!


 They LOVE the water, and are so grateful for Grammie and Poppy's pool!  They often say how much they wish our hot tub still worked!

Charlie was all geared up for his first swim in the blazing sun.  I just LOVE his little get-up for swimming!  Full-on protection from the sun with a fun sun hat that has a bill to cover his face, and fabric down the back to protect his neck, as well as covering over his ears.  Next, his super cute and oh-so-tiny rash guard to protect his chest and shoulders.  And, for the coup de grace, his swim trunks, with swim diaper included.   He loved the water and kicked like crazy!  He never cried, and thankfully the water was pretty warm so he stayed in for quite a while.



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