Friday, June 24, 2011

DanceQuest Recital 2011: I Love The 80's

Let's just begin by saying AWESOME theme!  This year's recital was awesome!  Before the recital they had a montage of music video clips from the 80's and then during the intermission, they had clips from iconic 80's movies!  Not to mention all the awesome music the kids danced to.

Katie danced ballet to Bette Midler's "Rose" and Delaney danced jazz to Madonna's "Material Girl."  Both girls did such an amazing job.  SO PROUD OF YOU BOTH!!!

These three pictures are from the dress rehearsal on Friday (June 17th):

 Katie's class on stage.  Their opening...
 Delaney's class...about halfway through the song...
The day of the recital, it was very bright out!






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