Friday, June 24, 2011

Charlie's Hair-Do...

I have a love for hair.  For my girls, I love their long hair, fun to do different styles throughout the year.  Delaney's hair is so thick and long, and knots like crazy.  It's also ever-so-slightly wavy.  Katie's is so thin and fine, but never knots up. Rowe is finally getting out of the mullet-look, thankfully.  She has some curl in the back, and is thankfully allowing us to put bows in her hair so she looks like a cute little girl and you can see her face rather than the thug who tilts her head to see beyond her bangs.

So, having a boy, I thought hair would be plain and boring...I've proven myself wrong.  I LOVE HIS MOHAWK!!!




I know these are all pics from the same moment, but I kept snapping them and he continued to make such funny faces, I couldn't just choose one or two.  This kid is hilarious!  Oh, I have to mention how he is finally starting to laugh.  It takes just as much work for him to laugh as it does for him to cry...quite a bit.  Kate is pretty good and getting Charlie to chuckle! 
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