Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Katie's First Field Trip

This year Grand Prairie's Kindergarten classes had a field trip, and I was fortunate enough to be able to chaperone.  I was also fortunate enough to chaperone Delaney's first field trip back in April.  For Delaney's, her class went to The Rialto and watched a live production of  Click, Clack, Moo...Cows that Type.  It was cute, but the best part was the fun, crazy, loud bus ride there!

Back to Kate's day...

We went on the bus (and I will say that a class of Kindergarteners on a bus are so different (i.e. quiet) than first graders) to the local library.  We were given a tour (which although I've been to that library weekly I learned quite a bit) and then the librarian read a couple stories and did a game re: prairie and local wildlife.  Afterward, we went on a nature walk.  Behind our library is a wonderful walking path, but the kids easily tired.  Thankfully, I remembered my camera for this field trip.

Katie sure is excited for her first field trip!
 Not sure why, but many of these kids look uber bored during the library tour...
 This was my group to chaperone: Ashlyn, Becca, and Katie
 FINALLY! Excitement!  They saw a caterpillar, and everyone was excited to see some "real" nature (nevermind all the birds, grass, trees, etc. that we were surrounded by).
Mom and the back/best seat on the bus.

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