Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Girl Scout Fun

On the same Friday as Katie's field trip, we also had a busy afternoon with Girl Scout activities.  Katie's troop went to an indoor jumphouse and had pizza.  Delaney's troop "bridged" from Daisys to Brownies. Yes, it was a very busy day!

Katie had a BLAST at the jump place.  I don't think I've ever seen her sweat so much.  And, she got a cute Daisy necklace.

After we got home from there, we had to head back to Grand Prairie for Delaney's big night...Her Bridging ceremony for Girl Scouts.

Here is the bridge...
 The Daisy Troop...
 ...became the Brownie Troop
She's so proud and excited!
 The awesome Daisy-to-Brownie cake someone brought
 EVERYONE enjoyed the endless sweets!
After all this excitment: Field trip, bounce house, bridging ceremony, and eating tons and tons, Grammie and Poppy treated us to ice cream at our fave summer spot, Sunnny Delight!  We were STUFFED!
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Jessica J said...

How exciting! Your girls are so precious! I love the Daisy to Brownie cake!

Kathleen said...

Looks like fun! We just bridged to Juniors, and the girls were so excited.
Thanks for sharing their fun day!