Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Charlie...6 Months

So, Charlie is a week or two over six months now, but I'm just now getting to posting this.

At six months, Charlie is:

Weight: 13 lbs, 12 oz (5%)
Length: 25.5" (22%)
Head: 10%

He is starting to roll over a bit more.  He is such a smiley baby, he doesn't cry often, and is very happy.  He's a good napper and night-time sleeper.  He has been sitting unassisted for a few weeks now, but doesn't last upright for too long.

Oh, he has two bottom teeth now!  He didn't get those at 6 mo though, more like 6 1/2.  He's also coo'ing and talking more.  He's eating like a champ, although he's not nursing as much.  That's okay, I guess...just sad it's happening already.  It seems like he's still an itty-bitty guy, but he's already a half a year!  Here are some cutie-patootie pics of Charlie...





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