Monday, October 18, 2010

Bengstons Pumpkin Farm

It has been an annual tradition for the Henderson Family to go to Bengstons Pumpkin Farm since Delaney was about 9-10 months old.  It started through having free passes when Peter and I both worked at Silver Cross.  This year we brought along another family member...UNCLE JOE...who was in on an almost-surprise visit.  He called us about 5-7 days before his arrival and it worked out wonderfully because Delaney and Kate both had Monday and Tuesday off from school.  So they went to pick up Uncle Joe from the airport on Monday and then Tuesday we went to Bengstons. 

What I love about Bengstons is that there is so much to do there.  They have a Fun Barn, Haunted Barn, petting zoo, pony rides, 4 carnival-type rides that are geared for small children, pig races, dancing and singing animated animals, hayride, pumpkin patch, corn maze, and lots of food to choose from. Most of it is free, but the rides are $2 each and the pony rides are $5.  The costs about $12 per person just to enter.  Yikes.

The girls were so pumped to see Homer sitting there!

 Rowe passed out on the ride to the Pumpkin Farm, and stayed asleep on Daddy for about 15 minutes.  Thankfully she woke up in a great mood!
 Katie was excited to point out everything to Uncle Joe.
 The turkey on the right was HUGE and I wanted to take it home to my oven...
Ah...the annual "How Tall This Fall" pictures

 The girls enjoyed pumping water
Enjoying the rides...

 Enjoying the petting zoo and feeding the animals

"Milking" the cow
 Getting ready for the Pig Races and enjoying some cotton candy
 The last rides...

Girls had a great time this year, and were very excited when Uncle Joe got on the Frog Hopper ride with them.  We did almost everything except the corn maze and hayride.  It was a gorgeous day out...about mid-70's and sunny.  Since we went on a weekday it wasn't over-crowded, nor empty either.

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