Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Off Day Today

So, I'm not really sure why, but I'm feeling a bit anxious today. Kind of off, if you will.  Peter is always so calm and great about easing my mind, and thanks to our phone call this morning, I am a bit more at ease.  Today is filled with quite a few things for me, and I guess I'm a bit overwhelmed.

I hadn't seen the doctor since the end of August (about 8 wks), and I should have seen him twice since then.  I'm now on the every 2-week appointment schedule (32-36 weeks), and missed my 30-week appointment. Monday Peter asked me how long it's been since I've seen the doc and requested I make an appointment.  Funny how I prioritize our spending right now.  We do not have any health insurance coverage at the moment, and thankfully we have all been healthy.  We are in the process of applying for All Kids, an insurance coverage in the state of Illinois that allows all children and families coverage based on income, but do not have it yet.  I have put off going to the doc because of our lack of insurance but am fine with spending money to take the girls to a pumpkin patch.  I know, I know, it's not good prioritizing on my part.  I get that.  I think, in a way, it was easier to avoid and not think about sometimes so then I don't get too worked up or stressed.

Well, today I went to the doctor and things are looking good.  Goy's heart rate is strong and head is down, and I'm measuring well.  I've gained 20 lbs so far, according to my doctor's scale.  Damn that scale.  According to the one at home, I've only gained 16.5 lbs...I like our scale better.  I was hoping to gain no more than 20 the entire pregnancy, but obviously THAT won't happen...I still have 8 weeks to go!  So, I guess I'll be happy if I stay under a 30 lb weight gain.  It's sad to see the number that high on the scale matter the reason (and being pregnant is a pretty good reason to gain weight).  I have promised myself during every pregnancy that I will work hard and eat healthy to lose the weight after the birth, and have yet to follow through.  Well, seeing as this is our final addition to our family...I have no more excuses to not lose the weight.

Next I have ventured to GSU to do some work for a former professor of mine.  She was so wonderful when she heard of our situation (i.e. no income, Peter's job loss, etc.) to offer me a temporary job.  I am working about 20-30 hours a week getting a document together for the department.  It's been a lot of learning about Microsoft Word, and  how to embed links and multiple Table of Contents, etc.  So, now that I've learned all that and have done a lot of practice, now I am focusing on the document and answering questions and making it look all spiffy and flow well...Wish me luck!

Next...the job hunt.  Peter and I have been applying feverishly to many jobs around the Chicagoland area...some in our field, some in some fields that are less desirable.  I have had a couple nibbles; Peter not so much.  Two weeks ago, I got a call for a position I applied for in July.  It took 3 months for them to get applicants, sort through, and call for if that's the case for Peter too, then hopefully he'll be getting some calls soon.  It's so frustrating...especially after looking at the over twenty jobs I have applied and only 2 responded.  Actually, a few more have too, letting me know that the position was filled, they're no longer looking, or that I'm not qualified. The most frustrating thing for me..."you're not experienced enough" or hearing that they want me to have my LCPC--which is the next license up from what I have earned, and to GET my LCPC I need experience and supervision.  So, no one is helping me get any experience yet everyone requires it!  Ahhh!  How do I get started!?!   But still...many of the positions haven't contacted me one way or another, and the positions are still open.  Anyway, back to my point.  I applied for a private practice (several actually), but interviewed at one twice and was called yesterday saying the contract was FINALLY ready (six weeks after my second interview).  Phew.  So, today after working at GSU, I will head over there to pick up the contract and have about two weeks to look over and show my lawyer (ahhahaha-meaning Peter and I can see if it will work for us/me).  I'm a bit nervous about this, yet very excited too.  I really, REALLY want to get in the office and counsel people...I have really missed that since my internship ended at the end of July.

So...that's my day today.  A bit overwhelming for me--mixed emotions and several different things going on, my focus is all over the place.
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Marcia said...

Aw Amy! Big Giant Hugs to you! Things will come around...they totally will! And very exciting about this private practice thing! Good Luck!! And glad to hear about Goy too!!! #4! Take care!!!