Friday, October 29, 2010

Silver Lining...My Husband, My Kids!

They say every dark cloud has a silver lining, and while sometimes it is hard to see, it is there.  A friend recently emailed me saying how she hopes she can be as involved with her children when they are in school as I am.  Bam!  It hit me.  Another silver lining.  I found one several weeks ago...Peter.  As much as I'm sure him being home 24/7 is frustrating, he has been wonderful.  I am really getting spoiled with him home.  He helps out so much around the house, plays with the girls--especially Rowena, and makes me breakfast every single morning--I love it!  And, of course, I love him being around all the time and being able to spend so much time with him.  He's also been so supportive of me through my job search, getting my LPC, and figuring out finances.

The second silver lining that just hit me today was my ability to be so involved with the girls.  Every Monday I volunteer in Delaney's classroom and work with various children.  I get to see Delaney in the school setting and it's wonderful.  Also, today I was able to volunteer for Katie's classroom's Halloween Party and go to the All-School Parade this afternoon.  I also volunteer every meeting for the girls' Daisy Girl Scout Troop.  I always enjoyed Halloween being able to be involved with the girls' lives.  I have never claimed to want to be a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom) and am aware enough to know that is not for me.  I need more adult interaction and a career outside the home is very important to me.  However, I also know that a full-time job is also not for me, as I would feel I am missing out on so much.  I wouldn't be able to volunteer in Delaney's class or for the classroom parties if PJ wasn't home, as I can't take Rowe with me (which is understandable). 

I love that while my girls are young and enjoy me, that I am able to be a part of their world outside the home.  I walk into the school and get hugs and kisses immediately--and in front of their friends.  I know this may not last forever, but while they're giving, I am taking, and happily!  They tell me quite often how happy they are when I'm around and love that I go to their school and Daisy meetings.  I also love that my husband has been around so much and he hasn't shown any signs of being sick of me yet, or the kids!  Not that I thought he would, but that is a lot of time with lots of women...and he continues to be patient, kind, fun, loving, and supportive.  In fact, today, he went to Katie's Halloween Parade with Rowena and then baked cupcakes with Katie and is now decorating them along with Delaney, Kate, and Rowe.  These girls and I are so lucky!
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Busy Working Mama said...

Aww, it's wonderful to read about someone who appreciates their life! I love positive people. I hope you all have a good weekend!