Saturday, October 16, 2010

Overwhelmed with Kindness, Support, and Generosity!

I really don't know how to even begin this post other than I tear up every time I think about how wonderful people in the world can be. It's been over a month since that "fateful" date, and Peter and I are holding up well. The hardest part of losing his job was the fact that he loved his job so very much. His coworkers are so amazing, fun, and supportive. Many cried the day he left, and he walked out with his pride and dignity still in tact. What hurt me the most is that in a way, Peter is losing a family. He never once complained to me about his job or the people he spent so much time with day after day. He felt loved and connected there, and he was highly respected, much loved, and everyone enjoyed him and his humor.

On Sunday, October 3rd, six wonderful ladies threw Peter a farewell party. They booked a boat house/club down in Kankakee and invited those from the hospital that worked with and knew Peter. One lady had her father DJ the party and another had her husband bartending. The party began at noon and wound down around 5 or so. The place had people there all day, and everyone brought food and generosity. They held a bags tournament and 3 50/50 drawings, and the proceeds went to us. There was also a cover charge to enter and a donations jar. These wonderful, generous people raised over $1000 for us. That covers our mortage and groceries or mortage and a car payment for a month. As the party was ending, Peter thanked everyone and told them how much he misses working with them. They truly are like a family; sticking together when things get rough. Everyone had such nice things to say about fun, nice, and professional he is, how much they miss him, etc. His supervisor, Val, was there and she said that in her 35 years in the healthcare field she has never met someone so genuine, professional, and nice. And, in that time, she has never seen anyone leave a job so gracefully. I am so proud to be his wife.

The yummy, sad cake
 Peter's Nuc Med Crew: Brad, Shandi, and Garrard
 The WONDERFUL ladies that put on our party: Traci, Andrea, Rene, Lisa, Molly, and Shandi
 Playing the Bags Tourney
 Watching the final match
 Rene thanking everyone and doing the final 50/50 raffle
 Peter thanking everyone and telling them how much he misses them and working at Riverside
 With our food-loot...We took home almost all of the leftovers and they were amazing!  Molly kept saying "Food, food for the po' please!" as she filled up the large box.

To everyone that attended, thank you. For all those that have showed support, thank you. For those that couldn't attend, but sent food, kind words, and/or donations, thank you. For those that participated in all the events yesterday, thank you. For all the wonderful food you all cooked and shared, thank you. And, last but definitely NOT the six wonderful, amazing ladies who put it all together...THANK YOU! We love and appreciate you all and are humbly overwhelmed with your generosity, thoughtfulness, kindness, support, and love. We hope to see you again soon, and that we can all keep in touch!

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