Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Uncle Joe's Visit

The girls had a great time with Uncle Joe.  Delaney and Katie were very excited to pick him up from the airport on Monday and then Tuesday we spent at the pumpkin farm/patch.  The rest of the week was pretty low-key, but we enjoyed every minute.  Other than Tuesday's adventure, I think the girls' fave parts were playing video games with Uncle Joe, watching TV with him, and waking up Uncle Joe every morning.  Just yesterday, Rowena wanted to go to the basement and kept saying "Joe.  Joe."  Too cute.

On Joe's first night...we did a movie night and watched Avatar (the animated TV series) and had popcorn.  The girls specifically picked out their Mario Party/Mario Kart pj's to wear for Uncle Joe.
 Riggs finally settled down...for about 5 seconds.  His fave part was DEFINITELY waking him up in the morning!
 Reading stories to the girls the last night.  Actually, I think Delaney was reading to Uncle Joe...

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