Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Girls' Weekend!

Last weekend I had a girls' weekend and it was awesome!  It was spent with my two Stiglich female cousins, Heather and Katie at our Aunt Patty's house in Michigaen.  On Friday, I picked up my cousin Katie from the airport around 12:30 and then headed to the city to get our other cousin, Heather.  We had lunch in Chicago at Hot Chocolate, which has AMAZING bacon/lettuce/egg/tomato sandwiches and mac-n-cheese...not to mention the desserts!  So, we finished lunch around 3 and headed to Michigan.  The traffic out of the city was pretty heavy, so we didn't get there until about 7:30.  Of course, our stop at The Chocolate Garden in Michigan added about a half hour to the trip.  We got there and enjoyed some tasty homemade stew that Aunt Patty made.  We stayed up late and talked and enjoyed some sparkling cidar.

Saturday we hung around the house until about noon, relaxing after having a great breakfast.  Then we headed into Marshall and looked at all the beautiful homes and then onto some antique shopping downtown.  We headed back to the house after sharing about four appetizers at a local pub and grocery shopping.  We made too many appetizers and sat around the table, ate and chit-chatted until after 1 a.m.  I have to say that sleeping on a double-air-mattress with another pregnant woman is not the best!  ahhahhah.  Sunday morning we had amazing pumpkin waffles with an apple-walnut topping.  I had a great time and we're hoping to make this an annual event.

Oooh-all the tasty appetizers! Beer dip, guacamole, roasted red pepper dip, green olive dip, olive/jalapeno roll-ups, crab rangoon, and queso with pretzels, chips, triscuits, and pita chips.  DELISH!
 Me with GAP (Great Aunt Patty)...although she's not my great aunt, I still tend to call her that.
 Me (33), Heather (32), Katie (31)...I'm 33 weeks pregnant and Katie is 23 weeks.
 GAP with her awesome nieces!
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Patty said...

Loved every minute of it...already looking forward to next year!!