Saturday, October 2, 2010

Decorating for Halloween

Something the girls love to do for any decorate.  So like their mom! :)  I wish money was just falling from the trees like the leaves so I could just shop, shop, shop for more holiday decor.  On Monday we finally got our the fall and Halloween decorations, and the girls went to town! 

 These two had fun running around with all the lights
 Delaney was quick to jump in to help after getting off the school bus.

Almost all of the pumpkins I made, except the four tiny ones around Coltrane's urn and the one on the far left.  I love our pumpkin collection...I think I need to make more!

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Marcia said...

Cute! You are so creative! How did you make all those pumpkins?? And I love Rowe's shoes! What kind are they? Hope to catch up with you soon!

Amy said...

Thanks, Marcia! Most of the pumpkins were made the year before and after we married. Some are fabric, some are styrofoam, but most are ceramics. I love my collection. Rowena's shoes are Pedipeds...I LOVE them!