Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Relationships of Our Daughters

The girls have such great relationships with one another.  While, yes, Katie is a bit abrasive and intrusive with Rowena at times, she really is sweet with her.  Delaney rarely plays with Rowena, but not in a bad way.  She kind of does her own thing and now and then will play with her.  I think Rowena likes the distance Delaney gives her yet the love she receives as well.  Delaney is great about singing to her and reading to her--it's so sweet.  Katie likes to be near her all the time.  Delaney and Kate have a wonderful relationship...although they'll fight now and then, they really are best friends.  My fave thing about their relationship is that they have each other's backs around others.  I love their protective nature for one another.  It's a natural part of being in a family, I think.

Here are some fave pics I have of the girls lately...(I know some are duplicates of other posts, but I just love them!).

Katie and Rowena cracking up and bonding at the Plainfield Homecoming Parade
 Girls in the leaves 10/11                                                               Katie sharing her apple with Rowena

I just love this picture of the girls all dressed up...

And here are the girls all getting ready for bed...brushing teeth and hair together.  Too cute!

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Jessica J said...

What a beautiful post, Amy. Your girls are so lucky to have each other and to have such a wonderful mommy. I hope you are feeling well!