Sunday, October 3, 2010

Plainfield Homecoming

Despite the fact there are FOUR high schools in Plainfield, there is only one Homecoming Parade...which makes for one nice, long, fun parade.  It is scheduled around Central's schedule, so yesterday was PCHS's homecoming game and dance, but the cold day started off with the parade through downtown Plainfield and ends at PCHS.

Yesterday morning the girls woke up and we all got dressed, ready for a chilly morning and to catch candy.  We brought four blankets, grocery bags for candy, and donuts and coffee.  We stopped by Dillinghams to get them and we headed over.  The closest we could park was at Renwick Park, but it seemed a popular place to park. So we walked through the fields, me carrying 2 coffees, Peter and Ryan pushing strollers filled with Littles and blankets, and three blond girls running in excitement who quickly began to freeze.

We decided to just sit at the end of the parade since it was closer to our cars and there were some nice open spots.  The girls loved enjoying a donut or two while listening the parade noise from afar, and soon enough, the police, firefighters, and paramedics were driving down the last leg of the parade.  Sirens were blaring, kids were jumping up with excitment, except Emily who snuggled under a down comforter in her stroller and slept and hid for the entire parade. 

 I had to include a picture of this poor poodle!  The owners had the PROWLERS letters and the numbers 59 actually shaved into both sides adn then painted with glitter paint.  The toenails were also painted in alternating red/blue and then, as you can see there were poofy fleece bows around the ankles, neck and ears.  POOR DOG! :(  (I am obviously not a fan of dressing up dogs!).

The girls behaved so well and had so much fun.  After the parade we headed over to the Dillinghams' to have lunch play until about 3, and headed home.  Then they came over to our place around 6 or so for pizza and more play time.  A fun-filled fall day!
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♥ Noelle ♥ said...

adorable pics of the girls! i have to LOL at that dog, poor thing!

Busy Working Mama said...

Cute pictures! Looks like you all had a great time!