Sunday, May 2, 2010

American Girl 2010

Yesterday (Sunday, May 2nd), Grammie and I took Delaney and Katie to the American Girl Place on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. The girls each went for their 3rd and 4th birthday on a solo trip and were able to watch a play and eat at the cafe. This was our first trip with both girls together. They have been looking through the catalog for weeks now, trying to decide what to get. Delaney has been pretty set on the Lanie doll, which is the Doll of the Year. Katie has not been able to decide. Both have a mini American Girl doll-Delaney has the Julie doll (long blond hair) and Katie has Kit (short blond hair). We weren't sure if Katie would want to get a "just like me" doll or a character doll.

As soon as we enter, the girls went crazy, looking at all the different dolls, clothes, accessories, and books.
Katie tried on a very cute black velour coat.

Upstairs we looked at more accessories and the girls both decided on their dolls...neither wanted a "just like me" one. Here are the girls posing at the Lanie display (she--Lanie--was all over the store!).
Katie was so excited, she wanted to carry one of the two large bags we filled.
Girls reading together while waiting for the purchase to be made.
Delaney with Lanie and Kate with Kit

Both in love with their new dolls. They also got a new hairbrush for their dolls, each got a pair of cute glasses for their dolls, and Delaney got a campfire set (with s'mores and everything) and Katie picked out a trio of animals (shocker of the day...we thought Delaney would definitely go for that!).

Posing with their dolls in their carrying cases.
Yummy and huge lunch at Cheesecake Factory
Pretty girls, pretty flowers, pretty city...
Running to Grammie


Brian said...

these dolls are creepy

Patty said...

What fun!!

Marcia said...

What lucky girls! You do such wonderful things with them Amy!