Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kids' Connection Graduation

On Thursday, May 27th, Katie graduated from Kids Connection Preschool. The program was very cute; each kid participated in a song performance. Katie sang and danced in 10 Little Fish. Delaney danced through the entire thing, and Rowena wouldn't sit still. I was so proud of Katie...she did such a great job. She was a little shy/weird/stand-off'ish when saying "goodbye" to Mrs. Lewis--her teacher for two years. I think she really had a hard time knowing that she would be in a new school next year, with a new teacher, and new classmates.
Getting ready to go on stage for her performance
The end of her performance--Katie is on the far left.
The entire graduating class of 2010 at Kids' Connection
Getting her diploma and hug from Mrs. Lewis
Katie just opened her new Ken doll from Uncle Teddy Bear...which she named "Brian" and he is a dancer.
Thank You Hug Katie and Claire...a friend from her class from the past two years.
One last "goodbye" with Mrs. Lewis.
This past year, Katie has really come into her own. Her first year in preschool, Katie was very shy and quiet; rarely playing with others, never speaking up, but always the first to a friend's aid when sad or hurt. She had difficulty asking for help, advocating for herself, and being assertive. This past year, Katie has become more social with her peers, but continues to be easy going and laid back. She doesn't engage in arguments or fights with others, but does attend to her peers' feelings. She is testing about 3 months beyond her age with some of the Intelligence tests that Kids' Connection does with their 2nd year students (4-5 year old classes). Although quiet and often shy, Katie is so smart, a clown--always making others laugh, kind and considerate. I think she's going to do so well in Kindergarten next year.
We are so very, very proud. CONGRATULATIONS, KATIE!!! We love you!

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