Monday, May 24, 2010

Friday Fun

Friday was a day for relaxing, swimming,making sure everyone was healthy, and the rehearsal. Most of it went according to plan. Everyone woke up in a great mood and was ready for breakfast. However, Rowena had quite a rough night. It doesn't help that we're not used to all sleeping in one room, so every whine, cry, moan, and cough you hear. Peter and I were both up with her quite a bit throughout Thursday night. She woke up in a great mood though, and was ready to greet everyone that was having breakfast. She definitely was not a fan of the pool! But, she looked super adorable in her swimsuit!
Delaney and Katie sure enjoyed the pool with Daddy and Teddy Bear!

After doing several cannonballs into the pool, Delaney got out and said she didn't feel good. She went into the bathroom and got sick. She did this when we swam after breakfast and after lunch. We told her that it was her body's way of telling her to RELAX and take it easy!
After the pool, we hung out in the hotel rooms with everyone, played our DS's, watched movies, played with Uncle Wesley's iPad, took naps, and went to lunch.
Then it was time for baths and to get ready for the rehearsal and dinner. Below are the girls dresses...
Teddy Bear and Noodle at the church
After her second round in the pool, Delaney was super crabby and tired. Grammie had her lay down and she quickly fell asleep. Let's just say, she was not happy to wake up, let alone take a bath and head to the church. She was very sensitive and easily irritated all night. She was very nervous about anyone seeing her cry, which made her cry even more.Katie, on the other hand, was in a great mood!
The Best Man and Groom
The Flower Girls practicing. They did great!
Leann and her Dad
The Rehearsal
The Happy Couple!
Dinner was also at a church...turned into a pub/grill--VERY cool ambiance!
Katie being silly
Delaney hanging on by a thread!
Her and Rowe were both getting very antsy and tired, and both weren't feeling well. Rowe had had a fever almost all day, so Peter ended up leaving early and taking Delaney and Rowena back to the hotel, while Katie and I stayed for dinner (which Katie didn't eat). So, we got back to the hotel around 10 (we even left early) and brought Peter his dinner, to find out that he had a rough night. Delaney was watching a movie and had been very crabby, while Rowena had gotten sick! :( That night was also pretty rough for Rowe, and her fever wasn't breaking.
The girls got really cute brown and pink "Flower Girl" handbags with a pez dispenser and a personalized picture frame. They were both excited about that.

It had been a long day with ups and downs, and we were all ready for a good night's sleep! The rehearsal and dinner were great and Wesley and Leann were definitely surrounded by those who love them!

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Marcia said...

What a wedding weekend you had! Sounds like it was fun... and a little rough too! Hopefully everyone is doing well now! I can't get over Rowe's hair!! I love how it is getting longer and longer with each posting!! Even looks like little curls now too! Very sweet! All your girls are beautiful! Take care!