Sunday, May 9, 2010

Our Mother's Day Visit in Iowa with Nana

On Saturday after work, we drove to Iowa to visit Nana for the weekend/Mother's Day. The girls were super excited and were pumped the whole car ride. We had a lot of fun relaxing, playing with magnetic dolls, Curious George tea party, Bend-A-Roos, and a walk to Nana's school where we played on the playground, fed her fish, and saw her office. We also enjoyed some very tasty meals, some great weather, and relaxing on her screened porch. Girls had a lot of fun, despite Ney's allergic reaction to Nana's late cat, Boo. On Sunday Great Grandma Betty and Great Aunt Karen drove to Nancy's to visit us. It was great to see them, but sadly this time I didn't get any pictures of the girls with them. :( Next time...I promise. We had a nice visit with everyone and we set sail for home around 3:30 on Sunday...getting us home just in time to watch the Hawks play like crap and lose. The girls gave me a wonderful card and a great candle for Mother's Day, along with their wonderful gifts and celebration at their schools.

Nana with her three granddaughters Rowe loved laying back on the ottoman like this.
A profile picture of Rowena to match one Nancy has of Peter around this age.
Our dancing princess, Kate
Our poor sick Delaney...there must be cat dander left in Nancy's place (something that is difficult to get rid of), as Delaney got pretty sick on Saturday night...coughing, itching, difficulty breathing. A shower and meds helped. Next time we'll remember to bring her meds and nebulizer.
She still had a good time, we just made her sit and rest as much as possible (which translate to Delaney language of "play DS").
Katie is practicing her facial expressions so Uncle Joe will cast her in a TV show
She has a hard time staying "in character" and soon begins to laugh and smile.
Kisses for Rowena from her Nana
Poor Pete had a hard time making breakfast with Rowe constantly by his legs.
Girls enjoying a cool morning on Nana's screen porch in the woods
Rowe's fave part of the house...the porch!
Peter and Nana on Mother's Day morning, making breakfast for everyone.
Eating tasty pancake balls for breakfast.
Treking through the woods to get to Nana's school. We walked to Nancy's school to play at the playground, feed her fish, and color.
Rowe's favorite part was the field of dandelions.
The tire swing was a big hit...despite Delaney semi-falling off twice.
Looking at Nana's beta fish.
Rowe was fasinated by the fish, and put her fist in the water trying to touch him.
The girls in Nana's office playing with her "Don't Worry Be Happy" singing cow.
Trying to snap to the music, like NanaNana and her granddaugthers on the steps of her school
Katie giving Henry a treat...such a BEAUTIFUL, CUTE puppy! Made me want another...which is NOT what we need right now! ahhaha
Henry, the beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog
Rowe playing with the Bend-A-Roos on Nana's floor
Nancy with her beautiful floral arrangement from Joe.

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