Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to ME!

This week both girls' schools celebrated Mother's Day with honoring the mom's with a Mother's Day Tea. Both were very cute, and I got some very sweet, meaningful gifts.

It started at Kid's Connection at 11am on Wednesday with Katie's class. Katie was dismissed from class and came straight over to me, held my hand, and said "I will now take you to the party room." I got this cute little "About My Mommy" page as well as a book about how special we are. The salad answer on here really cracks me we rarely have salads in this house! My beautiful Katie
Getting my book from her teacher to give to me.
She enjoyed a donut with sprinkles and some juice while mom's had a tasty pineapple-cherry cake dessert (this is the third year in a row I've had it) and some water (as I'm not a fan of sweetened tea).
The kids also sang a couple songs to us, which were really cute. My fave was the snowman one they picked for May.
A picture of me and Katie
Katie with most of the girls in her class. The boys were VERY hyper while the girls were so lady-like; polite, well-behaved, etc. I loved it.
Katie with her two teachers, Mrs. Lewis and Ms. Pogwitz.

My next Mother's Day celebration was at Grand Prairie today at 9:15am with Delaney. I walked down to her classroom, Delaney greeted me and sat me at a table with the following:
The class sang about 3-4 songs, recited a poem, and read us a story. It was pretty cute (I was able to video tape hers, but not Kate's.).
The kids sat down and waited for their teacher to hand them our "gifts" which was a cute, wrapped box filled with "love."
Delaney giving my gift with pride!
Then the kids waited in line to get our snacks (sweetened ice tea and a cookie for the moms and punch and a cookie for the kids). They also cleaned up for the moms. Once again, I noticed how well-behaved the girls were where the boys were pretty excited and hyper.
Delaney and I
Delaney with her teacher, Mrs. Vargocko
Both celebrations were super cute and very meaningful! I'm sad that in a couple years these types of celebrations won't occur anymore. I got very teary-eyed at both. My babies are growing up! Their behavior and pride make me so proud of them. Thank you, Delaney and Katie for wonderful, amazing Mother's Day celebrations for me. I will cherish them always. I love you both very, very much.

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