Monday, May 24, 2010

Saturday Celebration

Saturday: The Big Day...the ceremony and reception. The day we've been so excited for for eight months. Leann will officially join our family and Wesley will officially join hers.

Saturday was a busy and long day. We were up at 7 to be out of the hotel before 8am. We needed to be at the church around 10, pictures were to be at 11, and lunch at 12 before the ceremony was to begin at 2. The lack of pictures of Peter in the first several is because he was usually in the air conditioned car with Rowena while she napped.

Delaney was very crabby because I "woke her up too early." However, a lady at the salon gave her a Highlights book as she waited her turn. Katie was first to get her hair done, and sat SO well! It seemed to take quite a while. Her stylist, Martha, was very nice and fun, and did a great job!
Katie's finished hair! Thanks to Donna's inspiration from the "Webkinz" party.
Girls passing the time before pictures by coloring with Poppy
Leann with her mom and her sister, Laura, the Maid of Honor
Uncle Teddy Bear with his neices
Kisses for Uncle Teddy Bear
Katie concentrating really hard on her picture.
Flower Girls: So pretty!!!
Leann and Wesley with their flower girls
Waiting during pictures
Wesley and his Best Man: Brian
The Bridal Party
Leann and Wesley with the Littles in the wedding: Delaney, Katie, Sam, Luke
After the girls' pictures, we had about two hours before "go" time, so they changed into Poppy's shirts so they could play and eat, and not worry about getting messy, dirty, or any rips. They played quite a bit down there, really enjoying the toys and coloring
Even Rowena joined in on the fun! This was one of the few moments she was fever-free.
Uncles and Neices
Flower girls doing their job
The Get-Away 'StangDelaney, in the hot sun, awaiting the bubble-blowing moment
Katie, in the hot sun, awaiting the bubble-blowing moment.
The girls wandering around
Pouting because Delaney has a "bigger rock" to sit on, and because Katie "pushed her."
Waiting for the bride and groom
The parents of the bride and groom
Mr. and Mrs. Kridner
Bubbles, bubbles, everywhere...
The huge, YUMMY cake! There was lemon, strawberry, and marble. What a wonderful selection! And, the best part...REAL frosting (I cannot stand that fondant--it's so nasty--and to me taste is much more imporant than the "looks", as I still think regular frosting can be very pretty).
Toast by the MOH, Laura
The Toast by the BM, Brian
Eating...either chocolate or strawberries
The reception hall
Enjoying nature...we went for several walks outside, until most people moved outside to socialize.
Being silly
Knocking on the doors behind Uncle Wesley and Aunt Leann, getting them to kiss. Which, we all know that clinking the glasses is a way to tell the couple to kiss. When Katie discovered that, she was relentless!
Rowena enjoyed being outside and not being cooped up anymore. I think our hotel room was a little small for her liking.
Brian, Aunt Patty, Wesley, Aunt Denise
Me and my brothers...I love these guys.
Our beautiful fave people in the entire world!
Rowe congratulating Uncle Wesley...saying "Thanks for finally giving me an Aunt!"
Heather and Ron
Katie, Heather, and Stiggy Cousins
Katie having a conversation with David
The girls' first dance for the night...The Chicken Dance
Rowena enjoying the music and trying to lasted about 2 minutes.
Girls danced several dances together--it was very sweet.
The STIGLICH family
The KRIDNER family
My Uncle his finest!
Katie dancing with her Uncle Teddy Bear. She tore up that dance floor!
Delaney dancing with her new friend, Emma...I think they danced together for an hour straight!
Delaney with her two new buds: Sisters, Evelyn and Emma Around 9/9:30, the girls were getting a little tired, especially Rowena who took about 2-3 naps on me throughout the reception (and several with Peter in the car before, during, and after the ceremony). So, we headed out around 9:30. It was getting dark and it had been a very event-filled day. On the ride home we stopped to pick up some gatorade (what our kids live off of when sick). Katie was complaining of a sore throat and saying she didn't feel good. Well, about 3 minutes from the hotel, we hear a huge splash...turn around to see a very scared look on Katie's face...and vomit all over her. Poor girl! We got back to the hotel, gave her a bath, put Rowe to bed, gave Delaney a breathing treatment and all of her medicine, and then let them fall asleep in their big bed. was over. All three girls threw up in about an 36 hour time-frame, all have had coughs and/or fevers...but they did WONDERFUL at the wedding and had a GREAT time at the reception. Oh, I did forget one thing--Delaney cried through the entire wedding ceremony...first because she wanted to hold Rowena (who Pete took out of the church because she was too fussy) and then because "I don't know who I'm going to marry, and I want to know now." Oh BOY!
We are so very, very happy for you!

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