Sunday, May 30, 2010

Friday at Brookfield

We headed to Brookfield on Friday to enjoy a wonderfully warm and sunny day with the animals. We started on our "normal route" with the camels, zebras, and giraffes, but then ventured to the new Bear Grotto, which is AWESOME!!! We loved it. It was super warm out, so we enjoyed a lot of pink lemonade, ice cream treats, and the mist sprays. Delaney had an "incident" at the penguin house--where a bird pooped on her head. She was a great sport about it, though. On our way out we decided to head to the Sting Ray exhibit--my fave spot in the summer. And we were lucky enough to catch a feeding time, so both Delaney and Kate were able to feed the rays with Poppy and Uncle Brian. Rowena just enjoyed splashing in the pool. It was getting late, we were all tired, and knowing there'd be a lot of traffic (Friday at 4:30 on Memorial Day weekend), we decided to leave. Delaney and Katie were a little upset about not stopping at two usual spots: the carousel and a park. We also didn't have time to do the petting zoo. All in all, it was a fun, but exhausting day.
Girls all enjoying the mist
In awe of the fish
She loved the big splash in the penguin house
The girls shared SO well with Rowena all day!
Enjoying some freedom
Having fun and being silly with Uncle Brian
Enjoying a Lemon Chill ( fave)
Feeding the sting rays

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