Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another Busy Week...But School's Out for SUMMER!

We had another busy week! Uncle Brian left on Tuesday, but we had a fun holiday (Memorial Day) weekend--filled with parties, swimming, and bbq's. Delaney had her last day *tear* of Kindergarten on Wednesday, which was spent indoors at Field Day (it was supposed to be outside, but due to the horrible storm the night before, the field was a bit too wet). It was fun. I volunteered and went around with Delaney and 16 other kindergarteners from station to station. Thursday was spent at dance classes...only a couple weeks left of that. Friday I had supervision (for internship...trying to get my #1 Tape) and had class. Friday night was spent watching the Hawks lose. :( Today Delaney's jazz class is performing at Heritage Middle School at a Family Fun Fair. Then we have a party later today. Tomorrow will hopefully be spent just doing a whole lot of nothing...well lots of homework for me. Next weekend is the girls' dance recital, for which I am very excited! I love recital season. Later today I will try to post pictures and stories of our week's events. I just can't seem to keep up anymore! :) So much going on...

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