Friday, June 11, 2010

Better Ending

So, after my post last night of how overwhelmed I was, things slowly improved. As I gave Rowena her nebulizer treatment, she pulled the mask away, puckered up, and leaned over to kiss me. I put her to bed, watching her wave "ni-night" and went downstairs. Delaney and Katie had cleaned off the table and filled it with their various boxes/drawers of craft supplies, markers, colored pencils, and crayons. Each spot at the table had a piece of paper, and Delaney instructed we were going to do a craft project. Now, mind you, I did not tell Delaney I was wanting to do more crafts with them. This was all her. Then Peter, who was called back into work, got home around 7:30, had dinner with me, gave Delaney a bath, and then went grocery shopping. My house is filled with the necessities again, like milk and cheese and apples, and I feel much more functional.

Today is a fun, but stressful's Delaney and Katie's dance dress rehearsal. I love and loath today. I love seeing them all dressed up and excited, but the anticipation and getting ready can prove to be quite hectic. Thanks to my dad for watching Rowena so I don't have to worry about entertaining a 15 month old at a high school auditorium for five plus hours. I have my plan of attack for the day, which makes me feel just a little more sane.

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