Friday, June 18, 2010

Craft Projects

Here are a couple recent craft projects. The first was done for a school project for a classmate of mine's Play Therapy project. The family participated in a play session where we designed a family aquarium, or for us, we decided we wanted an ocean. I'm the seastar, Peter is the turtle, Delaney is the very glittery fish, Katie is the funny fish on the right, and Rowena is the jellyfish on the far left. We had a good time, and it gave Delaney an idea for a couple weeks later.

A couple weeks later, Delaney began a new craft project. She wanted us to make a family jungle. Delaney is the lion, I'm the zebra, Katie is the tiger, Rowena is the giraffe, and Peter is the big blue mosquito in the middle of the page.
Now, if we could only find a place to hang our big pretty projects...

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